Maxis Home Fibre Subscription and Billing

What do I get once I subscribe to this service?

Upon installation of the Home Fibre Internet package, you will receive: 
• Residential Wi-Fi modem (1 unit)
• DECT phone (1 unit)
• Welcome kit
• Free allocated minutes to Maxis mobile, IDD destination and Fixed line
• Subscription to Internet Security

Is there a deposit required?
A deposit of RM75 for Malaysians is waived. However, a RM500 deposit is required for non-Malaysians.

How do I know if my application is accepted?
Maxis will call the customer within 7 days of registration to confirm if their application is accepted or rejected.

How long is the contract period?
The contract period is 24 months.

How many bills will I have?
At the moment, you will receive up to 2 bills, 1 for your Maxis Fibre Internet Package and 1 for Voice calls. There will be additional bills if you are subscribed to other Maxis services.

What will I see on my 1st bill?
You will see a statement reflecting your usages from the date of your activation to the date you are billed with a pro-ration of the access fee.

How do I view my bills online?
You may view your bills online by registering for Maxis Online Account at

Do I have to pay any upfront fee if I want to subscribe for the Fibre Internet package?
There is no upfront payment required. A fee of RM200 for installation will be charged to your 1st bill. However, RM200 fee is waived until further notice.

What if there is an outstanding amount in my Wireless Internet and Home Calls bills?
As Wireless Internet and Home Calls are part of the package, any outstanding payment that leads to suspension/barring of one of these services, all other services in the package will be suspended or barred at the same time. Once you have settled payment to your suspended/barred account, all services will be unsuspended/unbarred as well.

There is a RM 10 charge for each unsuspension/unbarring transaction for each line.

What will happen if I disconnect my previous Wired Internet service while I am still tied to the contract?
Your contract will re-start and we will waive off the penalty fee.

I am an existing Wired Internet customer. Once I upgrade to the new Fibre Internet package, will my Wired Internet service be terminated automatically?
The Fibre Internet service & Wired Internet service are 2 different accounts and services. If you wish to terminate the Wired Internet service, please walk-in to the nearest Maxis Centre.

Please note that there may be a service disruption between your termination of the Wired Internet service and your Fibre Internet service installation, depending on your preferred installation time.

I am an OKU, am I entitled to a discount for Fibre Internet?
Yes, there is a 50% discount off the non-promotional price for OKU. Please present your OKU card during registration.

Maxis Home Fibre Installation

What is the cost of the installation?
A one-time installation fee costs RM200, however currently the standard installation charge is waived. For non-standard installation costs may defer based on installation complexity. Please refer to this table for non-standard installation charges for the charges.

What does the standard installation covers?
This installation fee covers connection (outside your home) from the nearest Fibre Distribution Panel to the Termination Box and the connection (inside your home) from the Termination Box to the Access Termination box.

The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip or cable casing only), cost for any non-standard type of installations, such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring and so on will be borne by the customer.

Please refer to this table for non-standard installation charges for the charges.

Will there be any drilling involved?
Drilling will depend on the structure of your premise. There will be potential drilling to connect the Maxis Fibre Internet service to your premise. The installer will advise you if drilling is required and you would need to agree on the drilling design and cost. Payment must be made to the installer at point of installation completion.

Should I need to reschedule my installation appointment, will there be any penalty imposed?
There will be a penalty of RM200 if you notify to reschedule the installation appointment within 3 days from the installation date.

How long is the installation process?
The installation process will take approximately 6 – 7 hours. You will receive a call from us within 7 days after registration to confirm the installation date & time.

Maxis Home Fibre Device Warranty

What is the warranty period for the Residential Wi-Fi Modem and DECT phone?
The warranty is 12 months for the Residential Wi-Fi modem and DECT phone.

What if the Fixed Modem (ONT) is faulty within the warranty period?
You may request for a replacement by calling our hotline at 1 800 82 1123 and we will issue a replacement. The Fixed Modem (ONT) has a lifetime warranty (for active subscribers only).

Incidental damage caused by customer is subject to a replacement charge of RM500.

What if my DECT phone or Residential Modem is faulty within the warranty period? What should I do?
The Residential modem and DECT phone belongs to the customer and has a warranty of 12 months (warranty is only for manufacturing defects). Should there be any damage or loss of device, the customer may purchase another unit from Maxis. Please call 1800 82 1123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile for assistance.

What if I lose my DECT phone and/or Residential Wi-Fi modem during warranty period?
You may call our hotline at 1 800 82 1123 for replacement. Replacement charges will be charged to your bills as follows : 

DECT Phone (Aztech ) – RM 70
DECT phone (TH 75) – RM 150
Residential Modem (TG784n) – RM 250
Residential Modem (TH799) – RM 600

Maxis Home Fibre Package Upgrade & Downgrade

I am interested to upgrade/downgrade my Fibre Internet package. Where can I go to subscribe?
Only the account holder can upgrade/downgrade your Maxis Fibre Internet at Maxis Centers.

Can I upgrade/downgrade from my old Fibre Internet service (4Mbps/6Mbps/10Mbps/30Mbps)?
Yes, you can migrate to the new Home Fibre Internet package. The contract will restart for another 24 months.

Can I upgrade/downgrade from the current Fibre Internet service (10Mbps/20Mbps/30Mbps)?
Yes, you can upgrade from a lower package to higher package without an additional charge. You can also downgrade from a higher package to a lower package however a charge of RM 50 will be imposed. Note that your contract term will continue.

I am a Hotlink customer and I have subscribed to the current service. 
If in the future I become a Maxis Postpaid principal line holder, can I enjoy the special promotional price (RM138 for 10Mbps, RM198 for 20Mbps and RM248 for 30Mbps)? 

Yes, you can enjoy the promotional price for Maxis Postpaid principal line holder as long as the promotion is still available and your Maxis Fibre account is active. You would need to step to our Maxis Centre to make the package price change. Note that your contract term will continue.

If I upgrade/downgrade my service, will my device also change?
We will not change or issue you a new device.

If I already have a Wireless Internet MyAccount Portal, do I need to create another account for my Fibre Internet service?
At the time being, you will need to create a separate account for both your Wireless Internet and Fibre Internet service. We are working towards enhancing our services to allow you to view both your Wireless Internet and Fibre Internet service details under one account.

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for my Fibre Internet service? What happens if I exceed my FUP?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is to ensure all customers can get good browsing experience and to prevent abusers from hogging the bandwidth, which can impact other user’s experience. For the 10Mbps, the 100GB quota applies. If you have breached your allocated quota, your internet speed will be managed to ensure other users are not impacted. Your FUP will follow your subscribed package accordingly. Currently we offer unlimited quota download until further notice.

Can I buy quota upgrade for my Fibre Internet service?
Not at this point in time, but we are enhancing our systems to offer you that service in the near future.

Can I perform torrent/peer-to-peer downloads?
In order to create a good customer experience for all our customers, torrent and P2P downloads are not recommended.

What is the WiFi coverage in terms of distance?
The coverage is within a 100m radius but will vary depending on your house structure. For example, a thick wall may affect the quality of your WiFi connection.

Does rain affect the FTTH transit signal?
No, it does not affect the signal.

Maxis Home Fibre Voice Calls and Fax Service

Is there a phone provided with the Home Voice Service?
No phones are provided with this service. You may purchase your preferred phone or re-use any existing DECT phone that you may already have.

Can this service support fax?
Yes, you may plug your fax machine into your Residential Wi-Fi modem. The Residential Wi-Fi modem supports Class 1, 2 and 3 fax services.

If I have other brand’s cordless phone which supports Home Calls, can I use it as an extension?
We recommend that you use the DECT Phone provided by Maxis so we may assist with the configuration. We will not be able to provide the same assurance with other cordless phone brands.

Can I change my Home Call number?
Yes, but the number requested by you should be in the allocated range of numbers from SKMM. It costs RM 25 to change your number and can only be done in Maxis Centre.

Can I request to have an additional Home Call number from this package?
At the moment, we only provide you with a single line.

What if I still want to use my old Maxis Fixed line number?
You will not be able to keep your old Maxis Fixed line number as it does not follow the regulated geographic coding.

Can I carry forward the balance free minutes under Fibre Internet package subscribe to the following month?
No, free minutes cannot be carried forward.

What are the IDD destinations that I can call with the free minutes?
You may enjoy free calls to IDD destinations under the Fibre Internet package subscribed, to the following countries – Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. Subsequent charges to follow Maxis IDD call rates.

What are the free minutes given under Home Calls bundle from Fibre Internet package subscribed?
You may enjoy free minutes to Maxis Mobile, IDD calls and unlimited free calls to Maxis Fixed line from the DECT phone given. Subsequent calls to Maxis Mobile will be charged RM0.09/minute; IDD call rates to follow Maxis IDD call rates and call charges to Non-Maxis Fixed Line will be RM0.05/minute for local calls & RM0.09 for nationwide calls. Calls are charged in 20 second blocks.

Relocation and Service Termination

What if I move homes within my contract period?
You will need to provide documented proof of your new house address (e.g. utility bill addressed to your new home). If we are able to offer the service in the new location (depending on whether your new location is within our coverage areas) we will re-locate the service for you for a fee of RM200.

Note that your contract will be restarted for another 24 months.

If the service is not available in your area, we will waive your penalty fees and if you are unable to provide proof of your new house address and you are still bound to the contract and you will incur a penalty fee for early termination in your final bill.

Where can I terminate the service?
You need to walk-in to any Maxis Centre. A penalty of RM500 is applicable should you terminate the service within the 24 months contract period.

If I terminate the service before the contract ends, do I need to return the devices?
We only require for you to return the Fixed Modem (ONT) to Maxis. Our installers will arrange to pick up the ONT from your home. Customers who fail to return the ONT will be charged RM500, in addition to the early termination penalty charges of RM500.